Bio: Welcome to my Blog ~ Beginning with B ~ For all things Brookie, Business and Beautiful ~ Hi, I'm Brooke... A little bit about me ~ well... I love talking, hate being quiet and love being the centre of attention (hence this blog ha ha)! I'm in my twenties and have recently launched my own Graphic Design business. I LOVE what I do, and love being creative. It's been quite a journey and one that I would love to capture in it's growth and development (another reason for this blog). Another passion of mine is living a healthy lifestyle and inspiring people. In 2012, I competed in a fitness model competition. I learnt some amazing things, had some pretty crazy mood swings and unusual food cravings and placed 5th out of 50 stunning women! It is certainly one of my best and proudest achievements, however the thing I got most out of the experience was how amazing it felt to inspire people. So I hope my blog teaches you something, inspires you to achieve your dreams (whatever they may be), or at least makes you giggle. One thing I have learnt since competing in fitness modelling is the amount of negative self-love, and self-talk that is associated with that industry, and well, just in general. I hope to make a change to this in some way (big or small)... Wouldn't it be nice if a girl could walk into a room full of people with complete confidence and not give a sh*t about what is going on inside everyone else's heads??! ... And to not be judged by everyone sitting in the room because of their own self confidence (and lack there of?!)... Or if she could look in the mirror and genuinely say "I Love You" to herself? It would be Beautiful wouldn't it. I hope you enjoy reading my posts...remember they're based on MY opinions, my feelings, and my journey alone. xx B xx

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