~ Learning to do nothing ~

There are plenty of big changes to get used to when you become a business owner. One of the changes I still ‘struggle’ with is learning to do nothing, and that I don’t have to use every minute of my day wisely.

Ever since I began my journey as an entrepreneur I have noticed that I find it very difficult to ‘stop’. It’s near impossible to quieten my mind, which I have adjusted to and have learned some techniques to help with. But to actually sit on the couch and do nothing is still an act that I (or my partner) have to consciously force.

When I do manage to make myself sit on the couch, you’ll usually find me either on Instagram (which is full of design inspiration and beautiful things to broaden my creativity) or reading a book/magazine that is somehow motivating me and increasing my knowledge ~ all benefits to my business.

As I write this post, I’m actually finally sitting on my couch for the day – it’s 7pm and I’ve been up and raring since 5am!! To be honest 7pm is ‘early’ for me to finally stop for the day, however I’m forcing myself as I have a raging headache. So despite being unwell, and there being absolutely nothing wrong with allowing myself to lay here and simply do nothing, I’ve still managed to convince myself otherwise and am instead writing this blog post.

My partner is a huge help with this ‘problem’ and very often ensures that I knock off from work at a reasonable hour and enjoy some time with him on the couch to wind down, which I am very grateful for! I still have a million things flying through my mind (did you send that invoice, crap dont forget to ring that lady back tomorrow, whoopsy you forgot to send that quote off, oooh yes better add all that to the To-Do list) and rarely pay attention to what’s on the ‘box’, but atleast I’m resting in some form.

Another thing that really helps is yoga! For the past few months I’ve replaced my heavy lifting workouts for calming, stress-free yoga sessions and I’ve never looked back! I aim to practice yoga atleast twice a week but usually make it 3 or 4 times, because it’s the only try space where I feel relaxed enough to completely let my thoughts go. It’s also fantastic for releasing tension from sitting at a computer all day, and has tremendously lowered my stress levels.

Another tool is to drown out that little voice in your head that is reminding you of how much work you SHOULD be doing and all the other bits and pieces that you COULD be doing with your time (like calling your mum cos it’s been ages again) with positive remarks, and reminding yourself that it is completely and utterly “ok” to relax for as much time as you need.

It still makes me laugh when people make comments about how easy working from home must be and how cool it is being my own boss. If only they knew the daily struggles and waves of personal manipulation that goes along with it ha ha. It IS really cool and yes, I CAN do whatever I like (such as going to yoga whenever it works for me). But just like it does when you are employed by someone, your responsibilities and conscience seem to take over and you do what you should be doing rather than what you’d necessarily prefer to be doing.

xx B xx

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