~ Grandad’s Shed ~

I visited my grandparents the other day as I needed a hand to build a timber box that will be used to lengthen my calf muscles as I am suffering from extreme shin splints at Crossfit. Try explaining THAT to a couple of very ‘old school’ grandparents. My Grandma suggested it was ‘growing pains’ ~ bless!

Anyway, it’s always a very beautiful thing – visiting them. I’m so very lucky that I still have both sets of grandparents. My mum’s parents are interstate which is sad, but they’re only a phone call or a four hour flight away. My dad’s parents, however, live five minutes around the corner ~ but unfortunately I don’t see them as much as I should.

Whenever I visit them it is relaxing and always clears my head. We sit and talk about what has been happening, and they are always very proud to hear how well Studio B is going. If you’re not careful though, the next thing you know three hours have passed and you’ve finished three cups of coffee and a tin of biscuits! YUM!

After chatting to Grandma for a while, watching her feed the wild birds in her beautifully manicured garden (which is like an oasis in the middle of the industrial area that they live in), Grandad took me out to his shed. They’ve owned a property up here since after Cyclone Tracy (1974), and it’s been the same since I can remember. Grandad’s shed is FULL… mostly full of shit, old ‘junk’, rust piles and dust piles. I’ve spent far less time in the shed than my older brother has – he sees Granddad’s shed as a gold mine because you can almost always guarantee that it has got whatever you need! Nuts, bolts, tools, car parts (mostly Valiant ones), light bulbs, signs, materials, anything you can think of really…


Grandad's Shed





I used to just see it as piles upon piles of shit. But these days it’s different and I just think it’s amazing that he knows pretty well where every little thing is! I love that he is still so active and capable, he’s currently painting a big bus and has built his own little spray room and everything for it. He is always doing something.

As we were looking for some timber and bits and pieces for the box, I wondered whether he had an old typewriter laying around. “What do you want one of those for, haven’t you got all this ‘dot com’ technology stuff now-a-days?” < ha ha ha ha ha! God I Love him! “Just ‘cos it’s trendy to have those retro things these days Grandad” I replied. “Well I dunno… I did have one here but I think I got rid of it!”… “Dohhhh really Grandad?”!! Noooo….




He kept giggling about it and couldn’t really comprehend why I wanted one. Then he looked in his office, under the desk and says “You wouldn’t believe it!”…

OMG OMG OMG I think I just wee’d my pants in excitement ha ha ha! Like an excited little kid, I watched eagerly over his should as he pulled out the old box and dusted it off.

He opened it up and there it was! A beautiful old (probably from the 70’s) typewriter – exactly what I’ve been wanting – instructions and all!! I tried to hide my excitement before he realised how valuable it was ‘these days’ and decided to keep it for himself ha ha ha… The old Lifton ROYAL is now proudly on display in Studio B. Every button still works and it still ‘dings’ when it reaches the end of the line. I know it’s not THAT old but I was quite surprised at how ‘good-a-nic’ it is in.




Wow, maybe Studio B CAN be as trendy as all of the studios and stationery shops I follow on Instagram!


Royal – Typewriter

Royal – Typewriter

Royal – Typewriter

Royal – Typewriter


It was such a beautiful day, and I certainly went home one very happy girl. Ryan (my partner) couldn’t really understand my excitement either when I shoved my new treasure in his face the second he walked in the door. I tried to explain that it would be like finding an old part for a rare old car ha ha ha!!

Later that night it got me thinking… I wonder if Grandad has any old cameras?! Or phones!! Ha ha ha

Best. Day. Ever… Thanks Grandad!

xx B xx



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