~ First sick day ~

{From Tuesday, 8th July 2014 }

My partner has been feeling unwell the past few days and smashing the vitamins, veggies and cold & flu tablets feeling like he was getting a flu that’s going around at his work site. Annnnnd yep – now he is fine but I have got it!!

I had a sleep-in until 7am, which probably made me feel worse than if I had have gone to Crossfit at my usual 5:30am. The day started ok, I got a fair bit done, but I was no-where near as productive as normal. Ugh, I HATE being sick!!

At about lunchtime I started to feel really sick in the stomach, I was working on a very detailed information wheel design, and it was make me dizzy! I tried eating some soup thinking this would help but only got worse… Gosh! I have far too much work to do to be sick!!! I had to lay down as I was really unwell… At first I couldn’t even relax as I was so anxious about the work load but yet I physically couldn’t get up either.

“Ding Ding”

Eeeeeeek!!! I’d fallen asleep and it was 5pm!! Uh Oh!…. That was my phone beeping with a text message. OMG. This is officially the first time I’ve had a nana-nap during work hours (which everyone often assumes that I do ha ha). I’m trying not to overwhelm myself again, my body obviously needed the rest. I just really hope I’m feeling better tomorrow so I can catch up. It’s such a weird feeling – not having to call in sick, or notify anyone – except for my valued clients of course.

xx B xx

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