~ First sick day ~

{From Tuesday, 8th July 2014 }

My partner has been feeling unwell the past few days and smashing the vitamins, veggies and cold & flu tablets feeling like he was getting a flu that’s going around at his work site. Annnnnd yep – now he is fine but I have got it!!

I had a sleep-in until 7am, which probably made me feel worse than if I had have gone to Crossfit at my usual 5:30am. The day started ok, I got a fair bit done, but I was no-where near as productive as normal. Ugh, I HATE being sick!!

At about lunchtime I started to feel really sick in the stomach, I was working on a very detailed information wheel design, and it was make me dizzy! I tried eating some soup thinking this would help but only got worse… Gosh! I have far too much work to do to be sick!!! I had to lay down as I was really unwell… At first I couldn’t even relax as I was so anxious about the work load but yet I physically couldn’t get up either.

“Ding Ding”

Eeeeeeek!!! I’d fallen asleep and it was 5pm!! Uh Oh!…. That was my phone beeping with a text message. OMG. This is officially the first time I’ve had a nana-nap during work hours (which everyone often assumes that I do ha ha). I’m trying not to overwhelm myself again, my body obviously needed the rest. I just really hope I’m feeling better tomorrow so I can catch up. It’s such a weird feeling – not having to call in sick, or notify anyone – except for my valued clients of course.

xx B xx


~ Beginning with B ~

So yesterday 9 months ago I launched my very first ‘business’… at the age of 24.….on a Sunday! What was I THINKING?!

I cannot believe it has been 9 months already!! I’ve been wanting to share my journey with you all for so long, it’s amazing to finally get it ‘out there’ – which is what this little blog will predominantly be about. I hope you enjoy reading about my experience so far – the ups & downs, excitement & anxiety, success & stress. I will be sharing some milestone moments with you, and I’m sure there are plenty more stories yet to come!

~ So here is a little  snippet from the very Beginning of B ~

Nerves, anxiety and fear aside, I am actually TOO excited about launching my business that I can’t wait for tomorrow (hence doing it on a Sunday). I’ve been holding onto this secret for MONTHS which is HUGE for me! Like really huge!

I am a graphic designer, with 5 years experience in the industry in a remote ‘town’ in Northern Australia. I have grown up here, and my family have been up here for many years – so I am lucky to know a lot of people and how the industry works. I have named my graphic design business Studio B Designs (the B is of course for Brooke – thats me!).

Friday was my last day in my full-time position with my previous employer – which is sad (because they were great to work for), and exciting as I leap into my new venture. Over the past week I have been sending out ‘teaser’ posts to my 621 personal Facebook friends… I’ve told them I’m “working on something very exciting… what could it B?” There has been plenty of ‘bride’, and ‘baby’ guesses but only a couple of people guessed correctly – “business”.

So with a “eeeek here we go” I finally hit ‘post’, and the readily prepared Studio B Facebook page was revealed. It got 100 Likes in the first hour! Holy Cow! I was expecting some feedback but this is just amazing, what a feeling!!

It’s been such a long time in the making, so it’s incredible to finally share my new life with my friends. My incredible partner, family and close friends have been so supportive and forever encouraging – I just hope I can create the picture that I can see in my mind.

So here we go! Welcome to Studio B… {yep it’s going to take a while to get used to saying that – along with “I’m self employed”}…

xx B xx